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Application site of positive pressure soundproof cover

Application site of positive pressure soundproof cover

A batch of new-type positive-pressure soundproof covers and multiple large-flow Roots blowers have been successfully used in a chemical site in Karamay. The local area has a typical continental climate with large temperature differences between day and night. The extreme maximum temperature is 40 ° C, and the extreme minimum temperature is -40 ° C.And the extreme temperature difference puts forward requirements on the operating conditions of the blower. In addition, the local sand is relatively large, and there are certain requirements for sand prevention.

According to the actual situation, our company has selected a new type of positive pressure soundproof cover, which has the following advantages:

● Excellent sound insulation and sealing performance

● The sound insulation material also has a strong thermal insulation effect

● The form of positive pressure sound insulation can provide the air intake required by the blower and the outside air required for heat dissipation at the same time

● Positive pressure conveying has good dustproof effect

● Comprehensive design realizes a relatively constant working temperature inside the enclosure of the soundproof cover to avoid interference from outside climate

● Quick installation and convenient transportation.

After the sound enclosure is successfully used, the equipment has been guaranteed to run smoothly for one year. Excellent quality and perfect service have won the trust of customers.